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Sorry to spam y'all, but I have very little time.

Keith was arrested today at gunpoint by the Toronto Police "fugitive squad" in a parking lot in Oakville, Ontario, while in the company of his Canadian host, Gregg Haglund. Gregg was released, but Keith was taken into custody for "failure to declare that he was a fugitive when he entered Canada." Keith was not a fugitive when he entered Canada. He only decided to prolong his visit (after picketing there) on the advice of an attorney whom he saw on Monday, May 14. His sentencing was scheduled for May 16, but he had reason to believe that sentencing would not take place then, since the sentencing report could not be found, and he also had a motion in pro se before the court that might have delayed or stopped the action. He had airline reservations back to San Jose that are probably still on the books unless he has managed to get a refund.

His attorney is Guidy Mamann, but the case is actually being handled by Ron Polton of that office, (416) 862-0000.

As those of you who are receiving this know, Keith has been the object of a $cientology campaign to silence him since 1996. This is the latest and worst of their attempts, although if they succeed in getting him back to California there is a bench warrant out for him since he failed to appear for what did turn out to be a sentencing hearing on May 16. It is a "no bail warrant," unheard of in a misdemeanor case. If he should be returned to California and jailed here, it could be a death sentence, since the $cientologists have been doing their best to hang a "child molester" jacket on him for years now. He is applying for refugee status in Canada, but the papers had not been filed by his attorney yet. His sentence is 200 days and five years' probation. If the probation terms are the same as the deal offered (and turned down) before sentencing, they include random and unannounced searches of his person, home and car for "incendiary devices," which, like the marijuana in Jesse Prince's case just dismissed last week, could easily be planted. If he is allowed to live through his jail sentence, it's clear that felony violations of his probation would follow. Keith's only hope is to manage to stay outside the US, at least until an appeal--not currently being financed or filed by anyone, and we've been quoted $50,000 to do it, and Keith is bankrupt and I have no savings left--clears him.

It is my and his host's belief that false information was given to Canadian Immigration that must have included a claim that he was a terrorist, or they would not have brought out a parking lot full of armed police with their guns drawn (including semi-automatic weapons). It must have been alleged that he was armed and dangerous for this to have happened. If either he or his host had made a false move, they would be dead now.

The Toronto *Globe and Mail* has been given an exclusive on this story by Gregg, and they are talking headlines tomorrow morning.


Brief update from Hagglund on irc:

From Gregg Hagglund 29 May 2001 Tuesday, 1704EST:

Today I have spoken with Keith twice by phone. He is doing ok but is not too comfortable. He is getting his meds, but no vitamins.

He has spoken also to his precious wife Arel to asure her he is indeed surviving. Today Keith was also visited by one of his Lawyers who specialises in Immigration Act violations.

Keith will make an adjudication appearance on Thursday. This is a violation of the 48 hour rule, but to be fair to Immigration Canada, they have to have time to find out how much wool has been pulled over their eyes.

Meahwhile Ron Polton the lead lawyer so far has explained the current strategy to me. All seems well.