2 Mar 2007
We just heard this afternoon that, at the request of both Keith's attorney and the County Attorney here, his next hearing has been postponed from Monday afternoon (March 5) to May 8 (a 60-day delay).

Keith's attorney recommends the best way to help
...I'd say anyone and everyone who wishes him well should contact the California Governor's office and ask that they not pursue Keith's extradition because:

Keith's recent activities
Keith just recently presented a paper by proxy at the Netherlands European Space Agency conference (28 February), and he has a paper due in the fall on another topic. He is currently working on what are turning out to be 2 books, both SF, one about the future of the world after singularity or thereabouts, the other about the human side of his proposition to the ESA, a massive construction project to loft solar-power satellites using a (or multiple) space elevator(s). So he is continuing to write and speak, having made some notes even in jail about his work. He sends his thanks and best wishes to all those who have been concerned about him and have supported him, either through monetary contributions, through personal expressions of support, or by urging media to tell his story.