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Subject: Keith Henson interview on the Atheist/Citizen/Patriot RealAudio Show
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Howdy, I'm Joe Zamecki, Atheist Activist and I have a RealAudio show
online called "Atheist/Citizen/Patriot." I interview folks from all over
and we discuss controvertial topics, and this Monday's topic will
be Keith Henson on Scientology. That's Monday, August 20, 2001 and
that'll air at 10:00am EST and again at 11:00pm EST on the Atheist
Network at
This episode won't be about Atheism, but instead will be about the
"religion" or "cult" of Scientology. I encourage all Scientology
fans and critics to tune in. You'll need RealPlayer and if you don't
have that, you can download it free at:

Seeyall then! :)
Joe Zamecki
Atheist Activist