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ARSCC (wdne) Press Release.
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A stroke of the gavel on Wednesday May 16, at 11 AM, by Judge Walerstein in the remote village of Hemet California, may spark a loud and embarrassing diplomatic fiasco for the US State Department.

Judge Wallerstein is expected to sentence convicted free speech advocate Keith Henson to one year in jail, without parole for "interfering with a religion" (Section 422.6 Cal Pen Code).

Mr Henson was convicted on this charge in April during a trial marred my First and Fifth Amendment abuses and violations of Due Process. The planned Defensive strategy of questioning the credibility of the complaint, the witnesses and the evidence was derailed by Judge Wallerstein in limine motions by Riverside DDA Robert Schwarz. Corporate policies adhered to by complaining witnesses were not permitted to be examined. Some of these policies include payment for perjured testimony and training the witnesses in the practice of deceptive testimony. A key component of the defense was to be the oft judicially noted Scientology Policy of "Fair Game". This would have exposed the vindictive and malicious nature of the prosecution of Mr. Henson by the DA office in open collusion with the Scientology cult. This too was excluded by Judge Wallerstein, dumbfounding Defense lawyer James Harr.

Since no effective defense was permitted, Mr. Henson was convicted of one of three counts charged.

The other two counts incredibly claimed Mr. Henson terrorized Scientologists with his portable nuclear arsenal. These counts were not resolved by a split jury.

The sitting jury was not informed of other key elements of the case including Mr.Henson's free speech motivations or the signs he carried while picketing the Hemet Compound of Scientology. It was the picketing activity for which Mr. Henson was eventually convicted of "interfering with a religion". The Scientologist Corporation felt it necessary to go to extraordinary means and expense to conceal the content of Mr. Henson's visual messages from its staff at a film production studio. The studio is located at the razor wire ringed Scientology compound. The heavily defended compound is in the desert near Hemet, CA about 70 miles west of Los Angeles.

The US State Department may soon be involved in this case as Mr. Henson is currently in Canada discussing a Human Rights Violation Refugee Claim with an as yet unnamed top Canadian Immigration and Refugee law firm.

"This petition for Refugee Status on violation of Mr. Henson's Human Rights is a viable claim," stated a representative of the Canadian Firm.

Mr. Henson has reason to fear for his well being if he should be jailed in Hemet. Scientology boasts it controls much of the local prison population with Hubbardian Methodology (Criminon.] Since Scientology has spent in excess of two million dollars in attempts to "shudder into silence" Mr.Henson, the next policy application might well be Hubbard's exhortation to "dispose of silently and without sorrow" opponents who refused to be subdued by ordinary intimidation.

Mr. Henson is being sponsored by a Canadian Consumer and Free Speech Advocate Gregg Hagglund

"The United States is supposed to be the land of free speech and expression," says Hagglund, a staunch opponent of Scientology deceptive consumer and corporate practices. "The Henson case clearly demonstrates otherwise. I was pleased to help Keith find a socially responsible and reputable legal representative who is prepared to commit to vigorously and successfully argue for the petition."

Embarrassment will likely result for the US State Department when it is forced to act in the thinly veiled interest of Scientology and its long standing vendetta against Mr. Henson. Scientology is a criminally convicted corporation in Canada and the Crown will also be embarrassed if it is asked to litigate in US and therefore Scientology interests, to deny any petition for Refugee Status on Human Rights Violations by a US Government component.

The attendant publicity surrounding an American Free Speech Advocate seeking refuge in Canada is expected to exceed the splashy and often seedy expose of US legal machinations in the infamous Bambi Bembenic Immigration and Extradition case.