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July 23, 2004                                   


Hon. Judge Arthur S. Weissbrodt
Federal Bankruptcy Judge
Northern District of California
280 S. First St.
San Jose, CA 95113

                                                            CASE NO.: 98-51326ASW-13 (Chapter 7)

Dear Judge Weissbrodt:

I believe it is a responsibility of any party who becomes aware of illegal or serious ethical breaches in a case to inform the court.  This email, including headers, is from the Trustee’s lawyer:


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Dear Helena,  I think the drafting of the stipulation was well done and, hopefully, will be effectual in settling some of the actions in this case.  The Trustee and the professionals, however, will  not agree to the reduction in administrative claims without releases from all parties.  Also, the Trustee cannot agree to release all claims against Henson as she will likely have to bring a motion to dismiss the case for failure to appear at the 341.  If releases of all parties could be included and if Henson would agree to a dismissal,  this case could be concluded.  Even if a discharge is granted, the Trustee would have to move to revoke, unless Henson returns for his 341.  Susan



I believe you ruled on the 341 hearing here:




where you also expressed concern that dismissing a case could treat some creditors (which in this case includes the IRS) unfairly.


            On the other hand, I am not a lawyer so perhaps this attempt by the Trustee to force dismissing the bankruptcy and to cheat some creditors for the benefit of Scientology (RTC) is both ethical and legal.  In that case, I apologize for bringing the matter to your attention.



Respectfully submitted,



H. Keith Henson


CC: US Justice Dept. Inspector General


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