Who is Keith Henson?
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15 Jul 2002: Henson posts his small claims suit against the Halton ETF and Toronto MTPD for use of excessive force in their SWAT-style takedown of 28 May 2001, the response from the police, as well as his response to their response. He also posts a notice to the law firm representing both departments concerning a potential conflict of interest.

5 Jul 2002: Henson's small claims case against the police moves forward in a dramatic pre-trial hearing in which Henson and Hagglund's lawyer Peter McWilliams and the Judge warn defense counsel of the "perilous course" on which he is embarked. In an additional act of magnanimity, Henson offers Scientology lawyer Tom Hogan a chance to withdraw this dog's breakfast from Whyte's copyright court in California. In final developments, the civil suit filed by the "terror victims" against Henson proceeds with this "statement of undisputed facts," not one of which is undisputed except perhaps Henson's name.

29 Jun 2002: Scientology at it again. Perhaps in retaliation for his amicus curiae brief, Scientology files a motion for contempt and a declaration by RTC President Warren McShame alleging an incoherent dog's breakfast of gripes. The trial from which this spasmodic frenzy emerges is covered here. The injunction complained of is mirrored here. NOTS 56 is mirrored here. A commentary on NOTS 34 is here.

23 Jun 2002: Henson files an amicus curiae brief in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death case in response to current developments in the case.

21 Mar 2002: Henson posts a voluminous series of papers from The Honorable Dennis Coderre, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, who is personally intervening in his case on behalf of Scientology. The papers describe him as, among other things, a genocidal nuclear terrorist, and despite consuming a vast quantity of verbiage on this and similar hysterical accusations, fail to document them. Elliot Abelson makes another appearance with more attacks on Keith.

20 Mar 2002: Henson's appeal is dismissed on the grounds that he is a fugitive. While disappointing, this is not unexpected. The DA's office also filed a further opposition, which of course the court did not bother providing to the defendant Henson. It is this sort of utter contempt for due process and transparency that led Henson to seek asylum in Canada, as Riverside Superior Court does not make even a feeble pretense at running a clean operation. Additionally, Henson posts this part of his June 5 immigration hearing (before the June 7 hearing in which he was released).

16 Feb 2002: Ida J. Camburn is a 78 year old widow who helped Keith Henson and baked cookies for him and other Scientology critics, among other things. So of course Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs" had to investigate her. As L. Ron Hubbard said: "People attack Scientology, I never forget it. Always even the score."(Manual of Justice, L. Ron Hubbard). A week later, they followed up by sending their goons to her front porch to harass her in her home. Arel Lucas reports that incident.

18 Dec 2001: New page, Keith Henson versus the IRS, concerning Henson's lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service. This becomes relevant to his current travails in light of a recent 9th Circuit Court decision, Sklar v. IRS, detailed by Jeff Jacobsen at www.irschosenpeople.org. Henson files a request for judicial notice concerning the Sklar case.

17 Dec 2001: Henson files this motion (Word format or here for text) in response to the Appeal Division's Order to Show Cause his appeal should not be dismissed on the grounds that he is a fugitive. More soon.

13 Apr 2002: Henson posts another letter to counsel for the Halton ETF and MTPD.

8 Apr 2002: Henson posts a comment concerning the Halton ETF counsel. It is Henson's contention that two officers of the MTPD deliberately misled the Halton ETF into a high-risk takedown, despite having written statements that they knew Henson was no threat.

7 Apr 2002: Chris Wood reports another picket of the Toronto Org.

28 Mar 2002: Henson posts a letter to counsel for the Halton ETF and MTPD (Toronto Police) concerning his suit related to excessive use of force in the 28 May takedown.

16 Mar 2002: Keith Henson and Chris Wood report a picket of the Toronto Org.

2 Mar 2002: Tory Christman and Mark Ebner report a picket of Gold Base.

23 Feb 2002: Scientology goons stalk and harass Ida J. Camburn. Arel Lucas and others picket Gold base, and report on the harassment of Ida.

17 Feb 2002: Henson and others picket the Toronto Org.

11 Feb 2002: Henson posts this Investigator's Opinion from the Toronto police in relation to Gregg Hagglund's complaint of July 16 relating to Henson's earlier detention in Canada. The report is essentially a whitewash, and the most interesting omission is that danger to the public, from a highly armed apprehension directly in front of a crowded shopping mall, is not even addressed, although it was mentioned in the original complaint. The allegations of "bomb threats" are also baseless, as even District Attorney Schwarz has never made such a claim.

8 Feb 2002: Henson files a request for judicial notice concerning the Sklar case, in which Judge Silverman, in a concurring opinion, suggests suing the IRS for removal of a peculiar deduction available only to members of the Scientology cult. Strangely, Henson did just that in 1999 and the 9th Circuit rejected the case.

19 Dec 2001: Henson posts an appeal from RTC complaining that Keith isn't bankrupt enough yet. This older document is Keith's petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court, appealing the original copyright case, which he lost.

17 Dec 2001: Henson files this reply to the Order to Show Cause of November 29.

8 Dec 2001: Another Saturday picket of the Church of Scientology of Toronto. Picket reports by Boudewijn van Ingen and Henson. The same day, Barb pickets Gold Base at Hemet.

7 Dec 2001: Henson receives an "Order to Show Cause" why his appeal should not be dismissed on the grounds that he is a fugitive.

2 Dec 2001: Henson posts the sealed motion currently at issue before the Appeals Division.

1 Dec 2001: The Toronto Org gets picketed for the fifth Saturday in a row, with Keith Henson and Chris Wood posting reports.

27 Nov 2001: Henson submits a declaration concerning the motion sealed in his case.

24 Nov 2001: Yet another picket of the Toronto Org. Chris Wood posts a report.

22 Nov 2001: Henson posts this description of his arrest at the Oakville Mall on 28 May 2001 for the RCMP probe into the circumstances surrounding that arrest. Henson also posts this update on the strange events concerning the sealing of a motion in his case.

21 Nov 2001: Henson reveals that the motion vanished (described in this 17 Oct 2001 letter in the record of his trial was apparently sealed without notice to the defense, hearing, or any apparent reason.

21 Nov 2001: Two Torontonians (or as some call them "Torontulas") visit California and join local picketers in a demonstration at Gold Base, Keith Henson's former stomping grounds. Keith as well as Barb post picket reports.

20 Nov 2001: Kim Palmer (yduzitmatter) posts this bizarre letter from Scientologist Al Buttnor to her husband complaining of her picketing Scientology.

17 Nov 2001: Scientology critics picket the Toronto Org. Keith Henson and Chris Wood post picket reports.

10 Nov 2001: Scientology critics picket the Toronto Org. Kaeli posts a picket report.

6 Nov 2001: The Departmental Disciplinary Committee of the New York State Bar writes this letter stating that they are reconsidering Henson's Bar complaint against Rosen. This is odd mainly because Henson states that he does not remember requesting such reconsideration.

2 Nov 2001: Elliot J. Abelson writes this letter to Judge Waters of the Appeals Division.

3 Nov 2001: The Toronto Org is picketed again by three people, resulting in a visit from six cops. Reports are posted by Kaeli, Kim and Keith.

29 Oct 2001: Henson bushwhacked by Appeals Division and given only seven days to prepare appeal brief due to delayed notice which was furthermore mailed with insufficient postage, a repeated "error" of this court. As if this isn't enough, the record of the original trial has been altered to remove the declaration and exhibits of Frank Oliver, as well as to alter a minute order referencing them. (More on this soon.) Henson writes a number of letters to the appeal division concerning this, on Oct 23, Oct 27, and Oct 29, as the situation develops.

20 Oct 2001: Henson and others picket the Toronto org. Keith and Kaeli both post reports.

17 Oct 2001: Henson writes a letter to the Appeals Division concerning what appears to be malicious alteration of the records and transcripts of the original trial. His former lawyer Graham Berry also brings up Scientology's history of stealing court and government records (including this latest thievery from the Riverside County Superior Court) in his own Scientology-manufactured case before the California Bar.

16 Oct 2001: Henson posts a letter from his former counsel Graham Berry to the California State Bar, as well as a long summary of Berry's litigation with Scientology.

14 Oct 2001: Henson posts more material concerning his former attorney Graham Berry in two parts, Berry's response to interrogatories. Part One (long), Part Two.

13 Oct 2001: Henson and others picket the Toronto Org. Henson for the first time notes the apparent altering of the original court transcript to remove material from Frank Oliver from the record.

27 Sep 2001: Henson posts a brief report of Graham Berry concerning a meeting with Scientology legal personnel Ava Paquette and Lynn Shipe.

19 Sep 2001: Henson posts another novel-length collection of legal filings in Berry's Bar battles.

18 Sep 2001: Judge Ronald M. Whyte of the Northern District of California, after years of delays, finally issues a ruling against the bankrupt Henson for costs and fees in RTC v. Henson. While Whyte condemns what he calls litigation "as aggressive as the court ever sees" and that he describes as "excessive," he still arrives at a fairy-tale figure of over a quarter million dollars as "reasonable."

17 Sep 2001: Henson posts two responses to the new lawsuit against him. Part One Part Two

17 Sep 2001: Henson covered in Yahoo Internet Life magazine's Oct 2001 edition.

10 Sep 2001: Henson trial transcripts available. Trial Transcripts page
HTMLized by James A. Cherry. Additionally Mike O'Connor has interpolated some of the posts referenced into the transcript for ease of understanding. Part 1 Part 2

9 Sep 2001: Henson posts another update on the Scientology-engineered bar complaint against his former lawyer Graham Berry.

8 Sep 2001: Kaeli and Kim post picket reports of a picket of the Toronto Org. Henson posts the report of an anonymous picketer.

5 Sep 2001: Henson posts more legal updates concerning a minor setback to Scientology in his bankruptcy case.

1 Sep 2001: Henson's wife Arel Lucas and Arnie Lerma picket the Washington, DC org and post reports.

31 Aug 2001: Henson reports picketing the Toronto org again.

24 Aug 2001: Henson reports abusive attempts at service of process in Canada of Scientology's latest suit against him.

20 Aug 2001: Keith Henson interviewed live. Click here for details! No audio link available.

18 Aug 2001, Kaeli posts that Scientology critics picket the Toronto org. And Kaeli posts another update.

18 Aug 2001, Michael Pattinson, an artist and formerly an OT VIII in Scientology (the highest level available) posts an article updating his own legal situation. Included because of reference to Keith's own situation. This post may be obscure if you are unaware of previous events concerning Graham Berry, formerly Pattinson and Henson's lawyer. For Graham's story, see this article from the New Times LA, "Double Crossed" by Tony Ortega.

16 Aug 2001: Scientology cult sues Henson yet again.

15 Aug 2001: New information on the Ashlee Shaner vehicular manslaughter, one of two deaths at Gold Base Henson was protesting at the time of his arrest. The most important are the the crash scene diagram and the report of the California Highway Patrol. Additional material include a series of photos of the crash scene (long load).

13 Aug 2001, Henson posts the California Highway Patrol report on the death of Ashee Shaner, one of the homicides he was protesting at the time of his arrest. The death is finally being prosecuted as manslaughter after prolonged foot-dragging by the DA's office.

11 Aug 2001, Henson and others picket the Toronto Scientology org again. Reports are posted by Kaeli, Kim Palmer, "Slippery Jim," and "Android Cat."

10 Aug 2001, Keith Henson receives information that whenever he is mentioned in the magazine of the National Space Society, they receive floods of crazed hate mail from Scientology cultists.

8 Aug 2001, Keith Henson's story featured on Freedom Forum in a story by Phillip Taylor.

7 Aug 2001, Henson posts a response from the California State Bar whitewashing Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon and his misconduct. Moxon was named as an unindicted coconspirator in the successful prosecution of numerous Scientologists including Mary Sue Hubbard for a scheme called "Operation Snow White," which involved burglarizing government offices and numerous other crimes. The sentencing judge describes the crimes as "heinous and vicious" in this sentencing memorandum.

30 Jul 2001, Henson posts yet another bankruptcy motion from notoriously sanctioned Scientology lawyer Helena Kobrin, a literal textbook example of a frivolous litigant. Additionally, M. C. Di Pietra posts a letter to Florida representative Jim Davis concerning Scientology in general and discussing Keith Henon's situation.

29 Jul 2001, Henson posts a voluminous series of letters and discovery requests from his former lawyer Graham Berry, who was prevented from representing him in this case by constant harassment and "Fair Game" activities against him because of his representation of clients attacked or defrauded by the cult. Additionally, he posts an article called "Railroad Justice in Riverside about how the corrupt Riverside District Attorney framed yet another activist, with the aid of compliant Riverside Judge Becky Dugan, who stated point blank that there was to be no nonsense about "free speech" at trial.

26 Jul 2001, The Riverside Press-Enterprise covers the Henson sentence in this story by Erin Randolph.

26 Jul 2001, Henson posts more motions in his bankruptcy case. Additionally, an older article turns up, from report.ca in Alberta.

24 Jul 2001, Henson posts some information concerning Judge Robert H. Wallerstein's unusual background.

21 Jul 2001, Garry Scarff posts letters to the editor in response to the LA Weekly Article by Gale Holland "Unfair Game". Former high-ranking Scientologist Michael Pattinson writes a sad commentary on the Henson sentence.

20 Jul 2001: Henson sentenced! Either a year in jail, or 180 days in jail followed by three years of strict probation forbidding all contact with the "victims" and $3000 fine. Additionally, he is expected to pay for Scientology counselling for the "victims." Supporters issue this press release. In other news, Henson's host Gregg Hagglund receives further telephone death threats presumably from Scientology after his complaint to police, which is currently under investigation by the department.

16 Jul 2001, Gregg Hagglund posts this letter complaining about "improper, excessive and dangerous use of force" by the Halton Police ETF in the 28 May SWAT style takedown of Henson.

9 Jul 2001, Henson posts more more of the cult's high-priced whining to the bankruptcy court. More importantly, Henson's counsel James Harr files an exasperated response to the cult's sentencing request.

8 Jul 2001, Henson posts Exhibit A to the motion in his bankruptcy case. This consists of the cult's failed, frivolous and voluminous motion to disqualify his bankruptcy judge, expending copious (and expensive) barrages of verbiage expressing horror, shock and outraged innocence at the Judge raising his eyebrows at the cult asking for a fifteen day trial in a simple bankruptcy, and spending over a million dollars in their attempt to collect a $75,000 copyright verdict. Among other things, the cult complains that the Judge referred to the cult as "an organization that represents itself as a church." As another entry in their sad litany of woes, they complain that they are losing the case despite having four law firms, therefore the judge must be bigoted against "religions" that use four law firms to attack a bankrupt grandfather.

6 Jul 2001, Henson posts Yet Another Henson Motion in his bankruptcy case. For comments on a similar motion with similar intent, see the comments of Arel Lucas from yesterday (5 Jul).

5 Jul 2001, Henson posts this bizarre motion in which Scientology claims the judge in Henson's bankruptcy case is biased because, essentially, the judge dared to consider it odd that a plaintiff in an adversary bankruptcy action would spend over a million dollars to collect a judgment reasonably assessed as being worth about $10,000 from a bankrupt defendant. This act of "bias" results in a huge and freakish behemoth of a motion attempting to move the bankruptcy case to a judge of their choice, Judge Ronald M. Whyte, who approves of their litigation methods. It is practically unheard of for a litigant to receive a judge of their choice, and the cult relies for success in this shocking and unprecedented maneuver solely on the fact that their terrorism has forced Henson to flee the human rights violations they have engineered in his native land. This motion, by itself, cost more to draft than their entire claim is worth. Arel Lucas comments on this motion.

4 Jul 2001, Henson posts some more legal documents, including two "victim" interviews from Gold Base. This one, from Hillary Dezotell, is an incredibly bizarre and disjointed rant from a cultist so brainwashed she claims not even to know the address of where she lives. A must-read to see the quality of the "evidence" used to convict Henson. Also this interview with Bruce Wagoner. The cult is also filing a flurry of briefs in Henson's bankruptcy, including this order to shorten the time he has to respond to a proposed order to move his bankruptcy to Judge Ronald M. Whyte, known to be friendly to Scientology. The cult is infuriated with the bankruptcy judge in Henson's bankruptcy who has the bizarre idea that Henson has rights. Henson explains this rather cryptic piece of court paper.

30 Jun 2001, Henson posts two documents, one related to the Scientology response to his Rule 60 motion to appeal the copyright judgment against him.

27 Jun 2001, the DA files to sentence Henson in absentia.

26 Jun 2001, the Newsbytes story from 22 Jun is slightly updated to include a quote from Scientologist Aron Mason.

24 Jun 2001: The Electronic Frontier Foundation issues this media release in support of Henson's case, representing a major shift in the public view of this travesty of justice.

23 Jun 2001, Henson resumes picketing the Toronto Org, as covered in this picket report by Gregg Hagglund. Wired magazine's Declan McCullagh issues this update on recent events.

22 Jun 2001, The Electronic Frontier Foundation speaks in defense of Keith Henson, as covered in this article by David McGuire.

21 Jun 2001, This excellent article by Gale Holland appeared in the LA Weekly.

17 Jun 2001, Cultists write letters to NOW magazine concerning their 7 Jun article on Henson.

14 Jun 2001, Henson posts a second open letter to Judge Wallerstein offering to appear telephonically for any further court dates.

13 Jun 2001, A smear letter penned by Scientology lawyer Elliot Abelson comes from the Canadian proceedings. It is essentially a rehash of the same material presented on the Elliot Abelson page.

13 Jun 2001, This transcript of the May 16 sentencing hearing that wasn't posted by Gregg Hagglund.

11 Jun 2001, Webwereld, the largest Dutch net news zine, covers Henson's release in this story (Dutch only.)

10 Jun 2001, heise.de a German web news zine, covers Henson's release in this thread (auf Deutsch). Joe Cisar provides this English translation.

9 Jun 2001, Hour Magazine runs this new story on Henson's release. As did Wired magazine in this article by Declan McCullagh (page down past Ashcroft).

8 Jun 2001, Henson released from maximum security, supporters issue Press Release. Gregg Hagglund, Henson's sponsor in Toronto, immediately thereafter issues an official press release. The Register promptly covers it in this story.

7 Jun 2001, Best Henson coverage yet in Now Magazine

2 Jun 2001, Yesterday, heise online, a German news site, covers the Henson arrest in this story. Joe Cisar promptly provided this English translation. Thank you, Joe. In additional international coverage, we have this article in Dutch from WebWereld.

1 Jun 2001, Gregg Hagglund posts this open letter indicating the possibility that some officers of the fugitive squad arresting Henson may not have acted on an "anonymous tip," but on a tip they knew to be from Scientology's Office of Special Affairs. This website as yet has no opinion on these allegations.

1 Jun 2001, Best Henson coverage yet in Hour news magazine. Henson also appears on Need to Know e-zine.

1 Jun 2001, Plastic.com puts up this thread.

31 May 2001, The Hamilton Spectator publishes this article and brief jailhouse interview with Henson, so far the most accurate of the mainstream media coverage.

30 May 2001, The Register publishes this article on Henson's jailing.

30 May 2001, Arel Lucas, Henson's wife, provides this update. The Toronto Star publishes this story on Henson's arrest. Henson awaits an adjudication tomorrow at which he may be released on bail, or continue to be detained.

29 May 2001, The Toronto Globe & Mail runs this story. Additionally, Hagglund posts this further defense fund announcement. Arel Lucas, Henson's wife, give us this update.

28 May 2001, As seen above, Henson is taken down by a large group of heavily-armed police, the inference being that they have been informed by Scientology sources that Henson is a heavily-armed terrorist.

23 May 2001, Salon.com cover Henson's asylum bid in this article and interview.

21 May 2001, Henson, Hagglund, Mike, Kaeli, "Zeratul," "Slippery Jim" and "Android Cat" picket the Toronto Org. Added link to the Keith Henson in Canada page on xenu.ca.

20 May 2001, Henson thanks those who have supported him and posts this statement from his wife Arel Lucas.

19 May 2001, Henson and Hagglund and others picket the Toronto Org. Kristi Wachter comments on the outrageous Abelson letter from the sentencing report. Also, The Register covers Henson's flight in this excellent story.

18 May 2001, Henson posts five documents from the prosecution's sentencing report: CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE OFFENSE, COLLATERAL INFORMATION, PROBATION OFFICER'S STATEMENT, RECOMMENDATION, and one other report, from Scientology lawyer Elliot Abelson, which is so outrageous and mendacious that I have created a new page solely for discussion of Abelson and this document. Henson, Gregg Hagglund and others picket the Toronto Org.

17 May 2001, The Riverside Press-Enterprise prints this front-page story about the Henson case. Gregg Hagglund posts a second press release concerning Keith and his Canadian immigration counsel, Mr. Guidy Mamann, head of Mamann & Associates, a prominent immigration law firm.

17 May 2001. This was a busy day indeed, and I was asleep at the wheel. Just after I added yesterday's update and went to get a good day's sleep, the site ended up Slashdotted! The geniuses at Tripod immediately yanked the page without explanation or comment, necessitating a scramble for new hosting. That was accomplished later in the afternoon thanks to Don NOTS and the fine people at www.dis.org, and the site is now right here at http://www.operatingthetan.com. The old address, http://freehenson.da.ru, now points to what I hope is the site's permanent home.

16 May 2001, In an extraordinary new twist to this already byzantine case, Henson remains in Canada, not attending the hearing at which sentencing had been scheduled earlier. Today, without ruling on the JNOV or imposing a sentence, Judge Wallerstein issues a no-bail bench warrant on Henson. Henson now seeks political asylum in Canada. Later this transcript of the proceedings is posted.

15 May 2001, Gregg Hagglund posts this press release.

13 May 2001, Henson posts this report concerning his meeting with probation officer Garry Davis and reports that Davis has stated that the case against him is political and that heavy pressure is being placed on the court to jail Henson. Henson expects to be jailed Wednesday May 16. The process is terrible and posts from other people are being presented and Henson is being treated as if he wrote them and should be punished for them. One of the authors of the posts being used in Henson's sentencing posts this comment. In additional news, Henson posts this picket report of a picket of the Toronto org.

Later 11 May, 2001, Henson posts a request that people picket in proxy for his wife Arel as well as continue to send letters to the Attorney General for the State of California. To do this, see the "How You Can Help" section.

11 May 2001, Henson posts a collection of documents relating to his efforts to get an investigation into the corrupt Riverside District Attorney Grover Trask and Robert K. Schwarz, including this reply from the Office of the Attorney General of California, this letter to Trask and the Grand Jury, this attachment to the letter and this response by the Grand Jury. Additional news is an article on charges being filed in the death of Ashlee Shaner.

10 May 2001, Henson posts this transcript of proceedings before Judge Weissbrodt in his bankruptcy trial. The audio of these same proceedings, as well as some other material, are available at Brent Stone's web page.

9 May 2001, Henson posts this report of a quadruple picket of four Scientology orgs and further related legal matters.

6 May 2001, Henson posts a draft version of a Motion for a Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict requesting a judgment of not guilty on the 422.6 "hate crime" conviction on the basis that such a conviction can not stand without a conviction for an actual crime.

4 May 2001, Henson posts this report of proceedings in bankruptcy court before Judge Weissbrodt.

30 Apr 2001, Henson takes the unusual step of writing an open letter to the jurors in his case. Jim Beebe, a former staffer of the old Cult Awareness Network, writes this letter to District Attorney Grover Trask. It should be noted that the old Cult Awareness Network was bankrupted by dozens of lawsuits from Scientology before having its assets, including its name, purchased by the Scientology cult, which now fraudulently operates it as a front group for the purpose of swindling cult victims out of personal information that can then be used to harass and terrorize them. This article from the Los Angeles New Times details this bizarre conspiracy.

28 Apr 2001, Wired magazine covers the trial in this story. Also see this declaration of Arel Lucas, Keith Henson's wife, concerning the nature of the legal and illegal harassment against her husband and herself.

27 Apr 2001, the Riverside Press-Enterprise runs this story concerning the Henson case. Henson posts this open letter to Judge Wallerstein concerning outright perjury against him in his case, as well as this post concerning the filing of charges by the DA against the driver of the front loader involved in the death of Ashlee Shaner. This can in a sense be seen as a vindication of what Henson was protesting in the first place, although Henson was prevented at trial from testifying that he was protesting two homicides within the space of a month. This comes two days after Deana Marie Holmes reports the cult is repeatedly desecrating the roadside memorial to the late Ashlee Shaner.

26 Apr 2001, After three days of hopeless deadlock, the jury is hung on two charges (California Criminal Statute 422, misdemeanor terrorism, and 644, attempt to commit the same), and convicts on 422.6, "interfering with a religion." Henson was, as the DA wanted, forbidden from saying in any way why he was picketing, and convicted based and wildly altered and redacted Usenet posts with all context removed. See current threads on alt.religion.scientology for up-to-the-minute news. An appeal is expected. Free speech, picketing and posting to Usenet has effectively been illegalized in California against any party who alleges that the picketing causes them fear, regardless of how baseless the claim.

24 Apr 2001, the final day of the trial. Reports this evening.

21 Apr 2001, Henson posts this report of the court proceedings and of pickets at Hemet the following day.

20 Apr 2001, Henson posts this Gonzo report of the previous day's events.

20 Apr 2001, there are reports of a spy in the DA's office reporting on ongoing Usenet threads to the DA within minutes of posts.

19 Apr 2001, jury selection scheduled for today, report soon.

18 Apr 2001, another report from Henson on various goings-on in court, as well as the collection of deposition tapes of prosecution witnesses.

17 Apr 2001, Judge Wallerstein denies Henson's witness Frank Oliver's expert testimony. Henson issues this report and request for donations to his defense fund. Late that night, the Usenet posts entered as evidence against him are posted in two posts. Part One here and Part Two here. One stray post from 1997. Two other posts are missing.

17 Apr 2001, apparent Scientology cultists issue gloating and threats against donations to Henson's defense fund, as well as a seeming admission that the case is a setup.

15 Apr 2001, The Riverside Press-Enterprise carries another story on the case, concerning Judge Wallerstein's ruling denying Henson's motion to disqualify the DA's office.

13 Apr 2001, Henson posts this letter to Sgt. Secor of the Riverside Sheriff's department to report the District Attorney's office's involvement in a conspiracy to set Henson up for failure to appear by entering false data into court computers concerning a notice to appear that was never mailed to Henson, but was indeed only handed to him when he appeared, having found out about the hearing through an accident of one of the conspirators.

9 Apr 2001, Henson posts the ruling of Judge Wallerstein in response to the March 9 motions in limine concerning the motion in limine concerning the Scientology cult's "Fair Game Doctrine."

9 Apr 2001, Henson also posts this open letter to the DA and other involved parties concerning a conspiracy to set him up for failure to appear, by falsely entering information into the record indicating he had been served with a notice to appear that had, in fact, never been given to him, prior to appearing for the court hearing he had only discovered through an accident of Scientology lawyer Helena Kobrin.

24 Mar 2001, Henson posts this 21 Mar Opposition to Scientology's motion to disqualify all eyewitnesses except the Scientologists.

21 Mar 2001, Henson posts this 12 Mar MOTION TO DISQUALIFY OFFICE OF THE RIVERSIDE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY on the grounds that Henson is unlikely to receive a fair trial due to clear conflicts of interest on the part of the District Attorney's office and bias toward the cult of Scientology.

21 Mar 2001, Henson posts these 9 March motions in limine. The first of these motions audaciously declares that the opinion of the Sheriff who investigated the case, and who declared that no crime had been committed, is "worthless." If the Sheriff could not ascertain this, then one wonders how Henson was supposed to be able to. The second of these travesties essentially calls for the disqualification of every single non-Scientologist eyewitness, in a brazen attempt to deny Henson even the faintest pretense of a fair trial. These two motions are practically smoking guns pointing to the malicious intent of the District Attorney and his naked collusion with organized crime.


3 Mar 2001, Added four more documents to the Stacy Moxon OSHA files. Click here for Jeff Mullins' report, here for the General Manager of Gold's report, here for the Norton report, and here for the report of a landscaper at Gold Base.

25 Feb 2001, OSHA report on Stacy Moxon death and coroner's report put up.

10 Feb 2001, Henson posts this message to alt.religion.scientology, detailing the possible issuance of a bench warrant for non-appearance in Florida. Henson claims inability to appear for an Order to Show Cause in suit against the now-defunct Lisa McPherson Trust. As L. Ron Hubbard said, "The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly." (L. Ron Hubbard: "The Scientologist: A Manual on the Dissemination of Material", 1955). The cult is claiming that he violated an injunction against a third party.

10 Feb 2001, these photos submitted as evidence by DDA Schwarz put up. No date on their submission. They appear either hopelessly overexposed or else doctored to make the picket signs appear blank.

6 Feb 2001, Mark Bunker in Chicago wins a similar case maliciously brought by the Scientology cult using the same Mafia lawyer, Elliot Abelson, who is currently masterminding the Henson frame-up. The jury returns a Not Guilty verdict within 20 minutes after testimony that the presumably bribed corrupt Chicago cops had dragged Bunker onto Scientology property then accused him of "trespassing," and then stole the videotape from his camera, which the police claimed was empty.

On 30 Jan 2001, this second Motion in Limine to exclude further evidence was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. This excludes any reference to three deaths at the compound at Hemet, which Keith was protesting. In a case alleging that free speech is "terrorism," it seems to present very interesting due process issues to claim that the content of the speech alleged to be threatening can not be considered by the trial court.

On 27 Jan 2001, this Motion in Limine to exclude virtually all testimony concerning Scientology was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, although it had originally been filed 30 Oct 2000. This document was apparently written word-for-word by Scientology lawyers, as it includes boilerplate from what appears to be a previous case. Scans of the motion available. This Motion in Limine would exclude all testimony concerning the Scientology practice of declaring its enemies "Fair Game" who can be "tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed." The DA, or rather the Scientology lawyers controlling the proceedings to the most minute detail, claim that the practice was cancelled 32 years ago, despite the fact that in 1984, they claimed it was a "core religious practice" in the case Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California, which they lost. Jon Atack wrote a full explanation of what was meant by the "cancellation" of Fair Game and how the cancellation was itself cancelled. This motion would additionally preclude detailing such "religious" practices as "TR-LIE" for "Training Routine, Lie," a training procedure teaching cult members to lie convincingly. This motion would essentially exclude all relevant testimony from consideration by the trial court, including that the Scientology witnesses have been trained to commit perjury by drilling the art of lying for hours.

On 19 Jan 2001, in the most recent hearing in case HEM014371, People v. Henson, Henson's own recognizance status is reinstated, the trial is postponed to 15 Apr and Judge Wagner recuses himself on the grounds he might be biased toward the defendant.

On 15 Jan 2001 Deana Marie Holmes writes a letter to the California Attorney General requesting an investigation into this case.

On 12 Jan 2001, Keith's counsel Graham Berry withdraws from the case prior to leaving the country for New Zealand, filing this amazing Declaration in support of a motion for leave to withdraw. Some of the events described in this motion have been covered in the article "Double Crossed" in New Times Los Angeles. On the same day, the court revokes Henson's own recognizance status and orders him to jail in lieu of $10,000 bail due to a misunderstanding. This is reversed a week later.

On 12 Jan 2001, Keith Henson posts an update on various legal matters.

On 7 Jan 2001, Henson writes a letter to Judge Smith in Gerry Armstrong's separate case requesting leave to use him as an expert witness in his own case.

On or around 10 Dec 2000, Henson posts a proposed letter to the Court in draft form for public comment.

On 6 Dec 2000, David M. Rice submits an affidavit in the case explaining the motivation of the pickets at Scientology's Gold Base and Henson's conduct during pickets.

On 5 Nov 2000 this article appears in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

On or around 28 Oct 2000, Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma submits an amicus curiae brief to the Court.

On 16 Sep 2000, this article appears in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

On 15 Sep 2000, Keith Henson is arraigned for charges of terrorism and posts this narrative explaining the situation. The DA's office and the court had never served Henson with notice of the filing of these charges, and he only learned of being charged when Scientology counsel Helena Kobrin accidentally revealed them in discovery in an unrelated civil matter. Had Helena Kobrin not inadvertently let him know of the charges against him he would certainly have been arrested for failure to appear.

On 14 Sep 2000, Keith Henson posts this report about his days in court for two other cases, in which he first discovers the arraignment date for the "terrorism" case, with which he had never been served. He comments further in this message.

On 20 Jul 2000, Keith Henson is detained for terrorism with ICBMs and cruise missiles, based on a "citizen's arrest" performed by cultist Ken Hoden, who then refuses to sign the citizen's arrest paperwork, resulting in Keith's immediate release. One wonders why Hoden refused to sign the paperwork. Perhaps he read the words "under penalty of perjury" and had an attack of fear. Henson posts this report.

On 5 Jul 2000, David Rice, Barb, Keith Henson and others picket Gold Base. Rice has a GPS unit, which later causes a tremendous uproar. Barb also posts a report. Rice later posts these GPS coordinates for Gold Base.

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